Kind Words

“If you are a blogger and need someone for any kind of shoot, I would highly recommend Sonia. She is amazing and super open to whatever you have in mind, which is great because, as I am learning, hiring a photographer that understands your vision is easier said than done!”

Brianna Sullivan |

“If you have young kids, I can vouch for the success of Sonia’s style of photography over the traditional sit/stand/pose family photo shoot. Going on a fun family outing with Sonia in attendance to capture our moments of play and fun as they occurred, with a sprinkling of posed photos within the activities, made even the posed photos part of the fun for my kids instead of a chore. We hardly even realized we were a part of a professional photo shoot! In particular, there are some real smiles on the faces of my 1-year-old and 3-year-old sons, a feat that did not happen with the traditional family photo shoot we attempted previously. And we now have some authentic, candid photos that are not just beautiful, but capture a real memory for my family.”

Sarah Ludin