Dear bloggers, business builders, boss babes, boss bros, social media pros, fashionistas, and world adventurers,

My name is Sonia. So very nice to meet you!

If you’re in need of a photographer and you’re in my neck of the woods (or I’m in yours), let’s talk! My sessions are free; you only pay if you’re in love with the photographs. I don’t believe in buying a product before seeing it, why should photographs be any different? (Groundbreaking notion, right?) There are a variety of tailored pricing packages to choose from and I’m available for all sorts of shenanigans to get the right shot that include (but are not limited to) climbing mountains, exploring cities, researching model poses, and piloting boats.

Shoot me an email to chat more. I’d love to get to know you and capture a slice of your life adventure if we’re a good fit.

My upcoming locations
August 13 – August 25th : Bozeman / Big Sky area
August 27th – September 27th : Croatia
September 28th – October 16th : Prague
October 17th – present : Bozeman / Big Sky area